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Jenn's review of Walking Disaster

Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

5 beautiful stars for Walking Disaster

I loved and adored Beautiful Disaster and Travis Maddox from the moment I started reading and when I found out there was going to be a Travis POV I was beside myself excited. This book did not disappoint either; it is the perfect companion to Beautiful Disaster. I would definetly recommend that Walking Disaster only be read after reading Beautiful Disaster, otherwise I don't think you get the full all-consuming experience that is Travis Maddox.
Going inside the mind of Travis was intriguing, hilarious, and heartbreaking all at the same time. The prologue, as much as it made me cry, really provides a great set up for understanding his character. He has such a beautiful heart, although it is a guarded one.
I loved watching him sort through all that is Abby! He clearly has deep feelings for her right away and watching him trying to figure it out was great! He was so sure Abby was his pigeon, but he also struggles with that very idea; that this one girl has so completely consumed his heart and how desperately he wants her acceptance. I had no doubts he loved Abby before, but taking that journey with him showed how deep and true that love really was.
He's definetly not perfect, but that's what makes him so special. He has an edge and one hell of a temper, which in my opinion make him that much sexier, but his humor and his heart had me tumbling over the "I'm so in love with you" cliff.
Reliving some of the more difficult scenes between Travis and Abby through his eyes just about broke me. There were moments where my heart hurt and I cried to the point where I couldn't breathe, but I really loved every word.
There were a lot of new scenes in the book, so it's not just the same moments replayed from Beautiful Disaster. You get to know Shep and Travis' family more, and I may have developed a huge love for Trent! I appreciated how no matter what was going on he was always there when needed and had his brother's back. Travis and Trent together were so fantastic, and yes, there was some happy dancing when I realized Trent is getting his own book. I think seeing Travis with his family and the support and love they all have for each other was a favorite for me in Walking Disaster.
Walking Disaster and Travis Maddox captured my heart so completely. I really felt like I was a part of this story, not just a reader. I laughed and cried and got frustrated, but I'm not sure if I can say that I've ever felt like a story was so complete as I did when I finished Walking Disaster. It felt like all the pieces of a beautiful puzzle were finally in place. And the epilouge, well, it's PURE MAGIC; it gives a look into the future and is the perfect end. I was sad when I finished, not because OF the end, but because it WAS the end. Jamie McGuire does not just write characters and a plot, she writes friends and takes you on a journey with them.

Review by Jenn
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