Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Going Under Series Teaser Blitz.

In celebration of the re-release of Shallow and Going Under by Georgia Cates, today we have teasers from both books. Look for the new versions tomorrow!! (6-19-14)

Going Under Teaser:

Jesse Boone’s POV


Somewhere between Point A and Point B, something has gone astray. Screwing Claire was the perfect vengeance against Forbes but spending time with her has changed everything. I didn’t plan on liking her so much—or at all—but I do. I wasn’t supposed to become emotionally involved but I have. I drive away from her tonight realizing my heart doesn’t care a thing about my original intentions.

She thinks I pulled away because I was on the verge of ravishing her. That much is true but it isn’t why I needed to distance myself. I want her in a different kind of way––one I’m not good enough for and requiring me to give more of myself than I’m willing to share.

She was freely giving herself to me tonight. I never expected that. I’m stoked about it––but spooked as well.

Once I’m home, I lie in bed recalling the taste of her skin and the breathless way she allowed me to kiss her. I wanted her more than air in my lungs and that’s a problem. It means I’ve lost sight of the prize. I no longer desire screwing her as a way to get to Forbes. I want her for myself.

I need to get a grip. To have a girl like Claire means allowing her to be a part of my life, and I’m not willing to go there. I can’t risk her knowing my past, or even my present. I can’t bear seeing my true self in her eyes.

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Nick Hawke’s POV
I push aside a lock of hair in her face. I’m thinking she can’t be more beautiful but then she smiles and proves me wrong.
“You’re so damn beautiful.” I blurt it without thinking.
Where did that come from? I’ve never told any girl anything like that before––not even to get what I wanted from her.
She doesn’t say a word as she returns my stare.
This is a night of firsts for me. I’ve told a girl she’s beautiful––and meant it. Now, I’m about to ask her out on a date––a real one––because I like her and she’s interesting, not so I can get her into my back seat.
“I would really like to take you out.” She doesn’t reply. “I know Jesse’s told you to be leery of me but I promise I’ll be on my best behavior. I’ll be a … saint.” That brings a grin to her face. “You can choose where we go and what we do. Dinner? Movie? You name it. We’ll do whatever you want.”
Pleading for a date isn’t something I’ve ever done. I’m standing before this girl waiting for an answer with the highest of hopes.
Our slow song ends and “Scream” by Usher comes on. But I don’t let her go. We stand in the middle of the dance floor and I wait for her agreement.
“No.” That’s all she gives me before pushing away and leaving me staring after her.