Thursday, March 14, 2013

Books I'm Reading Now

If I don't have a lot of distractions or things to do when I'm reading a book, I can usually get through it in a day or two. Definitly NOT happening this week! From a busted pipe in the foundation to my sweet little Lucy (my dog) getting poisoned, my mind has been everywhere but on the storyline of a book.
I started a book last week that I was really liking right away, but I was so distracted that I made myself put it away for the time being. No use wasting time reading a book that I'm not connecting with. When I can get wrapped up in not only the story, but also feel like I personally know the characters, I love it! SO, wanting to be completely fair, today I started reading Lilith Darville's Scorpio Awakens from the beginning. Again.
Here's to no distractions! No more flooded kitchen, no sick puppy, nothing! Just my normal boring life!

Check back for my ramblings and thoughts on Scorpio Awakens!

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